Tradesman Bail Loan What Are The Documents Required For Application

Tradesman Bail Loan What Are The Documents Required For Application


Especially micro-sized enterprises can be economically developed and more workers can be employed for the development of Craftsmen Credit Surety ‘s, a public bank to be allocated through the bank  has been authorized. In this context, shopkeepers working under an institution in an area where the Tradesman Credit Bail Cooperative operates, will go through some procedures if they submit an application with a petition and if they receive a positive response, they can use a low interest loan up to 150 thousand USD.

If this support, which is guarantor up to 150 thousand USD, is insufficient, different individuals may also be guaranteed to finance or use mortgage loans. Before starting such procedures, it is useful to have some knowledge about the necessary documents and the functioning of the system.

Who Can Benefit From Tradesmen Bail Loans

Who Can Benefit From Tradesmen Bail Loans

For a financing to be mediated by the Tradesman Surety Cooperative, it is necessary to be a tradesman or craftsman, to be a member of the Tradesmen and Craftsmen Loan Surety Cooperative, not to be blacklisted and to be doing business in an area where the LAB operates.

The tradesmen who fulfill these conditions go to the Tradesmen Credit Cooperative to which they are affiliated to make a loan application and apply with a petition. Based on the application made with the petition, the document is forwarded to Halk Bank after the review of the board of directors and the requested amount of financing is provided if the intelligence is successful. The process takes a maximum of 15 days and tradesmen are informed about the loan application result , even if it results in a negative result.

What to look for in a review?

What to Look for in an OLS Review

Tradesmen Credit Cooperative examines past economic activities of the tradesman after the application made with the petition and tries to determine whether he / she can fulfill the liabilities arising from the financing he requested. After this determination, the decision is documented and how much of the tradesmen loan will be determined.

They examine the commercial transactions of the past and the economic situation of the company partners.

Documents Required for Loan

Documents Required for OLS Loan

After the application is made with the petition, the following documents must be prepared in order to allocate the financing, and if the documents are missing, credit allocation will not be possible:

  1. 2 photocopy of identity card,
  2. 2 tax board photocopies,
  3. 2 copies of Chamber of Commerce membership certificate,
  4. 2 artisans’ registry daily certification,
  5. 2 passport pictures, if not been registered before,
  6. 2 residence documents,
  7. 2 tax office taxpayers
  8. 2 examples of year-end balance sheets or different documents showing the turnover during the year,
  9. Vehicle license photocopy for service drivers,
  10. Any document showing insurance premium payments.

If a different tradesman is to vouch for the loan in question, he / she must declare the same documents with an additional file, except for the photograph, year-end balance sheet and daily attestation. If the person to be a guarantor is a civil servant, the identity card, invoice and salary payroll issued in his name will be sufficient.

As it is known, if it does not guarantee all of the loan, different guarantors may be shown or it may be desired to use mortgage loan.